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We are the professional manufacturer in the development and sale of ion exchange resin,on exchange membrane and electrodialyzer. Ion-Exchange-Membrane and resin factory The ion exchange resin is a synthetic polymers with ionic properties, also called ionomers. The ion exchange membranes are the most important and key materials of the energy storage batteries and water treatment. We use the modern casting technology and two sides radiation membrane manufacturing technology to produce the ion exchange membrane, we combined the casting technology toghther with the doping technology, the electrochemical and mechanical properties of our high strength composite perfluoro ion membrane for energy storage battery has achieved or exceeded imported materials.

We produce the bipolar membrane BPM, cation exchange membrnae CEM and anion exchange membrane. we use our BPM, CEM and AEM to produce our electrodialyzer which can convert the salt into base and acid.
We have developed and Produced the Ion-Exchange Membrane(IEM) for Production of Chlorine and Caustic by electrolysis which is environmentally friendly and has become the preferred method for chlorine and caustic production, many of our customers who produce the Caustic Soda(NaOH) or Caustic Potassium(KOH) have used the our Ion-Exchange Membrane for more than 3 years.
Our Ion-Exchange Membrane(IEM) include Perfluorinated Ion-Exchange Membrane(PIEM),PTFE Enhanced Perfluorinated IEM, and Homogeneous Ion-Exchange Membrane, the thickness is from 25-550 um with the width from 600mm-3000mm,special size customization is available according to the customers requirement.
Our Perfluorinated Ion-exchange Resin is widely used as the materials of ion exchange membrane, fuel cell ion membrane, ion exchange membrane for vanadium battery, ion membrane in chlor-alkali industry, hollow fiber membrane, super catalyst used in organic synthesis, ultra-stable ion exchanger, and so on.
Our Ion-Exchange Membrane(IEM) is widely used for production of chlorine and caustic by electrolysis and used as solid electrolyte membranes in fuel cells, vanadium cells, electrolytic cells, electrodialysis, electrochemical sensors.
Our company has a group of experienced professional staff and technical services staff distributed in various aspects of the workflow. Meanwhile, we have the world top 500 enterprises supplier chain and value chain management experience, from the supplier selection and audit to the supplier optimization, cultivation and development.
Leveraging its advanced manufacturing and technologies, extensive research and development capabilities, we have established good and stable partnership with many world-known and home enterprises, keep expanding our market and trying to provide one-stop service to our customers so as to minimize their purchase costs.

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Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Electrodialysis Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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